Color By Emi

Story and Character Illustration

Welcome to the official home base of artist Emily Rocha!

I am a watercolor and digital illustrator based in San Diego, CA, working primarily in the comic/graphic novel genre as a color artist. Here, you'll find some of my favorite art pieces and story pages. (And soon, a store!) If you want up-to-date insight on current projects and events, follow me on social media of your choice!


Desert Elephant Blue Ghosts Ocean Gate Theres Something in the Green Flash Page 3 Theres Something in the Green Flash Page 4 Theres Something in the Green Flash Page 5 The Nightmare King Blood Lake The Nightmare King Dream Thieves The Nightmare King The Twig Man ATLA page 1 ATLA page 2 ATLA page 3 Weapon X Wolverine vs Dark Phoenix Storm Clouds



Accidental Aliens

Accidental Aliens

I'm proud to be part of the Accidental Aliens, a San Diego collaboration of comic writers and illustrators that use the power of community to self-publish our stories!