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Welcome to the official home base of artist Emily Rocha!

I am a watercolor and digital illustrator based in San Diego, CA, working primarily in the comic/graphic novel genre as a color artist. Here, you'll find some of my favorite art pieces, comic pages, and a little history. If you want up-to-date insight on current pieces and events, follow me on social media of your choice! (Most posts originate on Instagram)

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More About Me

I began my college education as a digital artist in 2005, having been an amateur painter for several years. During my schooling I was offered an internship by the founder and president of New American Standard Motion Picture Company.

I began my two-year internship at NAS MPC as a production assistant on the set of their submission for the 48-Hour Film Project. During these years I was a project storyboard artist, designed animation graphics, and soon became lead production assistant.

From late 2009 until 2015 I partnered with storyboard artist and inker/embellisher Johnny Beware Gerardy as a color artist.

Today I am lead designer at a marketing firm, and an active founding member of the San Diego artist group, Accidental Aliens.

Accidental Aliens group photo September 2017